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Suzuki Q Chord Kit - Guitar - Case - Adapter

Your Price: $315.00
Item Number: QC1-QCA-QCC
Manufacturer: Suzuki Instruments
Manufacturer Part No: Q Chord Kit

Suzuki Q Chord Guitar - Includes Suzuki Q Chord Case & AC Adapter

The Suzuki QChord Digital Song Card Guitar is strummed like a guitar, plays melody like a keyboard and has over 100 MIDI voices. The Q Chord is perfect for the non-musician classroom teacher looking for an instrument to use for music instruction. The Song Card guitar has optional song cartridges for a variety of music to play.

Suzuki Q Chord Specifications:

Range: 4 octaves

General MIDI voices: 109

Chord: 36 soft-touch buttons, 84 chord combinations (major, minor, 7th)

Buttons: major 7th, minor 7th, augmented, and diminished

Rhythm: rock, country, dance, lounge, new age, waltz, ballad, march, bossanova, and blues shuffle (additional rhythm styles available on the optional rhythm style cartridges)

Accompaniment: 4 channels (drums, bass, chord, and chord plus) with individually adjustable controls

Effects: reverb, chorus, vibrato (all with adjustable depth control), and pitch bend

QCard: optional song cards with lyric, chord, and melody books

Variable controls: master volume, strum plate volume, strum plate sustain, rhythm, tempo, bass volume, chord volume, chord plus volume, reverb depth control, chorus depth control, vibrato depth control, pitch bend wheel, transpose, tuning, octave shift

Button controls: power, demo, strum plate voice select, rhythm style select, rhythm fill, rhythm intro/end, start/stop, QCard play, QCard pause, QCard search

Other functions: rhythm fill, rhythm intro/end, pitch bend wheel, MIDI I/O, transpose, octave shift

Display: 2-digit LCD, 2-LED Light Bar, 12 LEDs

Power output: 7 watts

Speakers: 5" oval speaker, bass ports

Jacks: A/C Power In, 1/4" line out/headphone, MIDI in, MIDI out

Power requirements: 12V DC, 8 "C" batteries

Suzuki Q Chord Information
The QChord Digital Songcard Guitar. The QChord is a state-of-the-art, portable, self-contained instrument. It uses the latest microprocessor technology to deliver incredible sound and myriad playing options. Developed by Suzuki, makers of the Omnichord, digital pianos, and many other musical instruments, it combines features of an autoharp, piano, guitar, and other musical instruments, in digital form.


Can't play a note?

Even if you can't play a note, this laptop musical instrument will let you improvise like a pro today - while a hot combo follows your lead!


But how to play?

Just push the chord button you read from your QChord Songbook, and a dynamic rhythm section plays inspiring accompaniment in the musical style and tempo you select. Simultaneously, QChord's unique strum plate puts four octaves of the chord's notes at your fingertips, for strumming or tapping in 100 different selectable voices. Or, plug in a QCard Digital Songcard Cartridge, and let it direct your combo through beautiful arrangements of your favorite tunes - while you jam - and never hit a clinker! QChord's advanced digital technology starts you off sounding great, regardless of your ability. All this you can accomplish using just the QChord's


Unlimited Potential

And, you'll find that there's unlimited creative potential for any level of musical talent as you become familiar with the countless other advanced features for varying your musical expression. There's a pitch-bend wheel, vibrato, reverb, and the option to use the chord buttons as a standard keyboard, to name just a few. And all in a self-contained, lightweight, portable instrument, with a built-in speaker and bass port that deliver impressive room-filling sound!