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RS Berkeley FR802 Signature Series Double French Horn

Double French Horn
Double French Horn
List Price: $2,565.00
Your Price: $1,465.00
You Save: $1,100.00 (43 %)
Manufacturer: RS Berkeley
Manufacturer Part No: FR802

RS Berkeley FR802 Sognatire Series Double French Horn

Features & Playing Characteristics:

The Signature Series RS Berkeley FR802 French Horn in F/Bb features a .500” bore, creating a flexible, rich and vibrant tone, along with a 12 1/3” hand hammered bell. The French Horn has 4 mechanical linkage tapered valves with a 4th rotor thumb lever that can be adjusted to fit any hand size. The Geyer style wrap produces a full warm sound with outstanding projection. The French Horn features nickel silver inner & outer slides. The 2nd valve ring on both wraps assists in easy intonation adjustment. Additional features include a water key & a pinky saddle. The French Horn comes with 2 mouthpieces and a custom case.


Level: Double French Horn

Key: F/Bb

Wrap: Geyer Style

Bore: .500"

Bell Diameter: 12 1/3"

Finish: Lacquer

Slides: Nickel Silver inner & outer slides

Valves: Mechanical Linkage Tapered Valves, adjustable 4th rotor thumb lever

Intonation Aid: Finger ring on second slide on both wraps

Additional Features: pinky saddle, thumb ring

Lubricant: Premium Valve Oil

Includes 2 Mouthpieces & a custom case