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Oud, Turkish, Ultra Pro, Hard Case SANDI

List Price: $1,899.00
Your Price: $1,614.15
You Save: $284.85 (15 %)
Item Number: Oud OUDTU
Manufacturer: Mid-East Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part No: OUDTU
Oud, Turkish, Ultra Pro, with Hard Case, By SANDI (Item Code: OUDTU) 14 1/2" x 35" x 8" This Ultra Professional Turkish Oud is a refined beauty. This quality instrument was hand built by master luthier Saadettin Sandi and his son Bahadir Sandi. They have been making quality stringed instruments, under the SANDI trademark for over 3 decades. They use selected exotic, aged and kiln dried, hardwood such as padauk, limba, mahogany, sapele and rosewood for the body. The body is constructed of alternating dark and light wood staves. Colors of actual product may vary. The soundboard is American Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) and has three composite rosette sound holes each accented with b/w/bb/w/b circular rings. The body is constructed of 23 alternating staves of limba (Terminalia superba) and African sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum) each separated with a triple line of w/b/w. The neck has a core of beechwood which has been overlaid with alternating strips of limba and sapele veneer to match the body. The mahogany peg box is gracefully outlined with maple and ebony binding and is outfitted with 11 ebony pegs and a bone nut. The fingerboard is polished ebony with a scale length of 582mm. Inside is the makers label with the date the oud was completed and the serial number. Includes deluxe locking hard case and pick.

Suggested Turkish Oud tunings (from low to high): C#, F#, B, E, A, D or E, A, B, E, A, D

SPECIAL NOTE; No Warranty on Strings: On occasion instruments may arrive with a broken string, therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing your strings as soon as it arrives. We recommend the LaBella OU80 String Set (Item Code: LBSOUDT). If you want to tune this shorter scale Turkish Oud in the Arabic style (D, G, A, D, G, C), we recommend the D'Addario J95 Oud string set. (Item Code: OUDG).

NOTE: We do not recommend tuning the J95 oud string set in the Turkish style.