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Nose Flute - Humanatones Nose Flute by Trophy Music

Nose Flute
Nose Flute
Your Price: $1.49
Item Number: Nose Flute by Trophy Music
Manufacturer: Humanatones Nose Flute
Manufacturer Part No: Nose Flute

Nose Flute - Humanatones Nose Flute

The Nose FLute is easy to play! Just blow though your nose! Anyone from 5 years old and up can learn how to play this simple colorful plastic Nose Flute in ten minutes. They are great fun at parties, reunions, family gatherings, solitary hikes-anytime you want to strike up a tune!

The Nose flute is an unusual instrument that is actually capable of producing hauntingly beautiful sounds. It's origin is in Africa, as a device used by the Apayaos tribe for mating calls. The Nose Flute has evolved into its present day form as a fun musical instrument.

Be the life of the party and purchase this Nose Flute today!