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Musical Easter Basket

Your Price: $39.99
Item Number: Easter Basket
Manufacturer: Musical Easter Basket

Musical Easter Basket

This clever, Music-themed Easter Basket is so chock filled with unique instruments that the young recipient or fun-loving teen and adult will have a hard time deciding which to play first!

Not only is this a healthier, sugar-free alternative to a basket filled with chocolate, it’s the perfect way to give your child exposure to the wonderful world of music and musical instruments.  With chocolates, you’ll have only the wrappers left after a week; the goodies in this Musical Easter Basket will last for years to come!

The brightly colored Egg Shakers or Full-sized Maracas make a great rhythmic addition to any song or for any band. Watch for the smiles as they’re blowing the Lip Whistle or Slide Whistle!  The Kazoo is an instrument that everyone can play.  Be sure to hum into it, not blow, and instantly anyone is a musician!  Musical Spoons might require a little practice, but shortly players of any age will get the knack and never want to put them down!  The same goes for the colorful Harmonica!  Our basket, also includes a Magic Flute and Wristlet of Bells that will fit most wrists and even some ankles!  Our Recorder and Recorder Method Book make a great gift all on their own; with us, it’s just yet another great instrument and songbook that we’ve added to the basket!  Our Music Note Canvas Print will look great tacked on a bulletin board or framed and hung in any room in your home!

The number one benefit to our Musical Easter Basket is to bring out and develop the musician in all of us -- Just think of how much fun the entire family will have together as they learn and try each instrument.

Running a very close second on the benefit meter are the health benefits!  A basket over-flowing with candy is filled with unnecessary and empty calories.    For kids, there are enough instruments to share with their friends without causing you any worry of food allergies that sometimes occur with chocolate or peanut products.  Did you know that color coated candies – especially pinks, reds and greens are full of dyes and preservatives that can trigger allergic reactions in children as well as adults? Not to mention the health hazard to Fido or Fluffy if they get into the candy basket.  Allowing the Easter Bunny to deliver a musical, non-candy goodie basket is a good way to start someone down the path of music and a great way to lead those you care about to a more health-conscious, active, slimmer and nutritionally sound way of life!

All of these Easter Treats with a “Beat” come in a bright multi-colored Easter Basket, covered in cellophane and finished off with a bow.  Order Today and you’ll be all ready for the fun and music to start on Easter morning!    

Musical Easter Basket Specifications:

  • Egg Shakers
  • Full Sized Maracas
  • Lip Whistle
  • Slide Whistle
  • Kazoo
  • Musical Spoons
  • Hohner Harmonica
  • Magic Flute
  • Wristlet Bells
  • Recorder + Recorder Method Book
  • Musical Note Canvas Print