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When it comes time to buy you or your child’s first wind instrument, the choices can seem overwhelming. First, you need to figure out what kind of sounds you would like to hear. Second you need to learn what style of musical instrument they might enjoy playing, and last you need to find  musical instruments for sale that meet your needs.

There are many different instruments you can play in an orchestra, marching band, or garage band, but wind instruments are one of the few instrument groups that can be used effectively in any style of music. From a Gemeinhardt flute, a R.S. Berkeley saxophone, or a Blessing trumpet, wind instruments work great in rock bands and marching bands.

Wind instruments are those with resonator tubes where one sends a column of air from a mouthpiece into the resonator. There are two subcategories within the wind instruments called the woodwinds and brass. Brass instruments are played by putting ones lips on a mouthpiece and they are controlled by the vibration in your lips.

Brass instruments are all around great instruments, but here we would like to look at two musical instruments for sale from the woodwinds. Woodwinds are instruments that produce a sound when the player blows air through a reed or against a sharp edge. Let’s look at a classic instrument from each kind.

The flute is the most well known woodwind instrument that requires the musician to blow air against a sharp edge to create sound. Musical instrument groups are often broken down into smaller groups, and the flute is no exception. You may be most familiar with the western concert flute. This flute is closed at the top and has a small slit where the flutiest blows air to create notes. This is a very versatile instrument in all kinds of American music. What you may not realize is that the recorder that young children play is also a type of flute. If you enjoyed playing the recorder as a child, you should search for flutes for sale.

If you like the woodwinds, but you are not happy with the flute, you might like the saxophone. This instrument is in the reed instruments, and is a sing reed woodwind. The reed is a thin cut piece of cane or plastic held against a mouthpiece. The nice thing about the saxophone is how its sound is similar to other woodwind instruments and some brass instruments. If you are looking for a powerful sound that can fit into any type of musical group, look no further than the saxophone.