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Meisel MCT-7L Chromatic Tuner

Meisel Chromatic Tuner
Your Price: $29.00
Manufacturer: Meisel Stringed Instruments
Manufacturer Part No: MCT7L


Meisel MCT-7L Digital Chromatic Tuner

Highly compact and accurate digital tuner. The ultra-slim MCT-7L chromatic tuner work by picking up an instrument's physical vibrations, rather than the audible sound it creates. That way, tuning is not affected by ambient noise, no matter how loud or distracting your surroundings may be.

A convenient clip-on feature lets musicians securely attach the tiny MCT-7L to any instrument—even a piano—so you don't have to place it on a flat surface or worry about accidentally knocking it to the floor.

With an incredibly wide tuning range of 12 note full range chromatic: A2-B7 and an accuracy of +/- .5 cent, the MCT-7L can be used to tweak the intonation of almost any musical instrument—from the highest notes on a piccolo to the lowest string on a double bass—with ease and precision.  In addition the non-volatile memory keeps all settings.

The MCT-7L includes a user-friendly back light that makes the unit's LCD readout clearly visible in all types of lighting situations. 

The Meisel MCT-7L measures 1.8"W x 1.8" x .55"D without clip.  It weighs only 1.2 oz  with a CR20432 coin battery (included)



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