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Korg DT10BR Digital Foot Pedal Tuner

Korg DT10BR Digital Foot Pedal Tuner
Korg DT10BR Digital Foot Pedal Tuner
List Price: $150.00
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Item Number: Korg DT10BR Digital Foot Pedal Tuner
Manufacturer: Korg
Manufacturer Part No: DT10BR Korg Digital Foot Pedal Tuner

Korg DT10BR Digital Pedal Tuner

The DT-10BR Digital Foot Pedal Tuner joins Korg's wide range of digital tuners, known for their accuracy and versatility. It features an LED-type meter for rapid response and accurate detection, guaranteeing stable tuning. The 16-segment note display provides excellent visibility even on a dark stage, and the rugged body is designed for years of tough use.

· Floor-type chromatic tuner optimized for guitar and bass players
· Simple and stable design with a rugged body
· Easy to read 13 point LED display and note name display
· 16-segment note display for excellent visibility even on dark stages
· Flat-tuning up to seven semi-tones. Tune down to A!
· Detection range of E0 (20.60 Hz)--C8 (4186 Hz)
· 438 - 445 Hz calibration adjustment
· Two Selectable Outputs (Bypass and Tuner out)
· Included cascade cable for powering up to two 9 volt pedals

Rapid response and accurate operation for smooth tuning
The LED-type meter indicates the difference between the reference pitch and the input signal, and delivers rapid response and accurate operation for stress-free tuning.

Tough body designed for on-stage use
The tough and solid-feeling body ensures stability even during intense live performances, and the cool black chassis will inspire you to play your best.

Excellent visibility even on a dark stage
Note names, flat settings, and calibration values are shown by a 16-segment display and high-brightness LED-type meter for excellent visibility even on a dark stage.

Support for seven-semitone flatted tunings
The DT-10BR provides a flat tuning mode that supports dropped tunings in a range from one to seven semitones. Low-pitch performance techniques are also supported.

Adjustable calibration setting
Calibration can be adjusted to accommodate different reference pitches, allowing you to precisely match any song or key.

Dual outputs for a variety of applications
The DT-10BR provides two output jacks; a bypass jack that always outputs the input signal, and a separate output jack that can be muted while tuning between songs. This gives you flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of situations.

Korg tuners and metronomes have a three year warranty



Korg DT10BR Digital Foot Pedal Tuner Features:


Scale: 12 equal-tempered

Meters: Cent indicator

Detection Range: E0 (20.60Hz) - C8 (4186Hz)

Calibration Function: 438 - 445Hz (1Hz steps)

Detection Accuracy: +/- 1 cent

Imput Impedance: 1M Ohm
Connectors: Input (1/4" mono),
Output (1/4" mono),
Bypass (1/4" mono),

Power Supply: One 9V battery (Included), or
AC Adapter model – A30950/KA183 (sold separately)
9V 500~600ma Center Pin (-)
Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours continuous use with tuner on (A4 input continuously), approximately 50 hours continuous use with tuner off (A4 input continuously).

Current Consumption: Maximum 43 mA

Dimensions: 4.09" (W) x 4.69" (D) x 2.01" (H)
104 (W) x 119 (D) x 51 (H) mm

Weight: 0.90 lbs. / 410 g