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Frame Drum, Tunable, Mazhar, 45cm

Your Price: $65.70
Item Number: Frame Drum FDM45T
Manufacturer: Mid-East Manufacturing
Frame Drum Tunable, Mazhar, 45cm (18inch) This style of frame drum is know from the areas of Persia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbijan. Depending on the area it may be called: Daf, Ghaval, Gaval, Dayereh Doira. Regardess of the name, they have a narrow wooden frame with a skin streteched over one side. Held with both hands the head is played with the fingers. Considered a sacred instrument, in Sufi rituals for its power to create trance states. This drum has now established a permanent position in the Iranian classical orchestra and is the most popular drum in Iranian Folk music of Iran. Comes with a nylon case.