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Frame Drum, Mazhar, 40cm

Your Price: $44.70
Item Number: Frame Drum FDM40
Manufacturer: Mid-East Manufacturing
Frame Drum, Mazhar, 40cm (16inch) This style of frame drum is know from the areas of Persia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbijan. Depending on the area it may be called: Daf, Ghaval, Gaval, Dayereh Doira. Regardess of the name, they have a narrow wooden frame with a skin streteched over one side. Held with both hands the head is played with the fingers. Considered a sacred instrument, in Sufi rituals for its power to create trance states. This drum has now established a permanent position in the Iranian classical orchestra and is the most popular drum in Iranian Folk music of Iran. Comes with a nylon case.