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Encouraging Young Musicians: Find Flutes for Sale and More

After you’ve shopped flutes for sale and the young musician in your life has a few lessons under their belt, there may be some frustration or discouragement. The excitement of shopping Gemeinhardt flute options and settling on the Gemeinhardt 2SP flute is over. The celebration after the first lesson has waned. How do you keep your youngster going when they become frustrated or when their interest is leveling?

Encourage them to play for you. Give that Gemeinhardt flute some mileage and have them show you what they’ve learned, even if it’s just a few notes. Understandably, it can be painful on the ears, but as parents and caregivers we are tailor made for this type of sacrifice. And the interest you show will help keep their interest going.

Take them to a symphony or concert. Look in your local newspaper or online and you can find many concerts featuring virtually any instrument, including the flute. Often libraries will host a music series. Seeing where this hobby can take them will be inspiring and may help them stick with it. It may even become a passion, more than just a pastime.

Buy some music books or accessories. Perhaps when you shopped flutes for sale and purchased the Gemeinhardt 2SP flute, you just got the instrument without a cleaning kit or a stand. These handy accessories can really help a new musician. Also, buying a few songbooks or sheet music will help show them where they can go with practice.

These are just a few tips to help inspire your young musician. And don’t discount the value of simple words of encouragement. Be honest and genuine in your compliments and ask questions about how lessons are going, about the teacher and even about music he or she is interested in. Music is good therapy all around, so fill your home with music and encourage any young musician in your life.