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Energy Chime, C#, 6th Octave

Your Price: $11.90
Item Number: Energy Chime ENCR6CS
Manufacturer: Mid-East Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part No: ENCR6CS
This bar chime produces the pitch C# of the 6th octave in a clear tone with a long sustain perfect for meditation, inspiration, and clarification. The metal bar is suspended above the rubber wood base by a colored cord. The Consciousness, or Ego, Chakra resonates with the musical pitch of C#, verbalized as OM. The sound of OM connects us to the universe in a very real way. OM is derived from the Earth's rotation around the sun. It takes 1 year, or 31556935.97 seconds, for the earth to complete one cycle of rotation. If frequency is cycles per second, you get 1/31556935.97; the portion of a year that exists in one second. This is a very, very small number. If you double that very small frequency until it falls into the range of human hearing you arrive at 136.1 Hz, C#, OM. A solid wooden mallet is included.