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Boomwhackers Bass Chromatics Set

Boomwhackers Bass Chromatics Set BWKG4
List Price: $42.95
Your Price: $29.99
You Save: $12.96 (30 %)
Manufacturer: Boomwhackers
Manufacturer Part No: BWKG

Boomwhackers Bass Chromatics Set BWKG

Set of 5 bass chromatic Boomwhackers. This set contains the sharps and flats only - add it to the set of bass diatonic Boomwhackers to complete the chromatic octave below middle C. Includes 5 pitches (starting at C#, corresponding to the C below middle C):  

low C# (red-orange)
D# (yellow-orange)
F# (dark green)
G# (blue)
A# (purple)  

Note that middle C is contained in the regular set of diatonic Boomwhackers
Tubes range in length from 24" to 48".