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AMT Wi-5C 16 selectable Channel removable clip on Wireless Transmitter

Wi-5C Wireless Transmitter
Wi-5C Wireless Transmitter
List Price: $599.00
Your Price: $479.00
You Save: $120.00 (20 %)
Item Number: Wi-5C
Manufacturer: Applied Microphone Technology
Manufacturer Part No: AMT 16 Channel Wireless Transmitter
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Wi 5C - AMT Wireless Transmitter

The AMT Wi 5C is a removeable 16 selectable channel wireless transmitter.  The system currently works in conjuction with all AMT microphone systems that have the disconnecting cable technology.   The Wi5C makes a disconnecting AMT microphone even more versatile because you can now use the Wi5C in conjuction with AMT mic and also, with the change of a cable, convert your microphone to either of the AMT Preamps, or a wireless beltpack made by Shure, Sennheiser, and the new Wi5C wireless system.  All additional cables are sold separately and in addition to the model that you originally purchased.  The Wi5C comes with the transmitter ready to clip on the diconnector shaft, cable to connect to AMT microphones, and a receiver with XLR and 1/4 outputs.

AMT Wi 5C Specifications

Removable mini clip-on transmitter.

Convert your AMT disconnecting microphone to Wi5 technology
Microphone NOT included with AMT Wi5C Wireless system
Allows for the use of additional AMT preamps or wireless systems by switching a cable

Transmitter clips onto these models:  (See chart below)

16 selectable frequency transmitter & receiver with XLR & 1/4 outputs included
Allows the user the use the microphone in many different applications.  (Live hardwired, Live Wireless, Studio preamp, Beltpack preamp)


WI5C now works on these AMT models if they include a cable disconnect located ON the microphone:



Single microphone systems:

LS, LS Studio, LSW - Shure, LSW - Sennheiser

P800, P800 Studio, P800W - Shure, P800W - Sennheiser

S15G, S15G Studio

S25B, S25B-TP, SP25B, SP25B-TP

M40, M51






Double microphone systems:

WS, WS Studio, WSW - Shure, WSW - Sennheiser

TA2, TA2 Studio, TA2W - Shure, TA2W - Sennheiser