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AMP U PLUG N PLAY Pocket Guitar Amp

Pocket Guitar Amp
Pocket Guitar Amp
List Price: $44.00
Your Price: $29.95
You Save: $14.05 (32 %)
Item Number: Pocket Guitar Amp
Manufacturer: _
Manufacturer Part No: Amp U Plug N Play

Pocket Guitar Amp



Amp U Plug N Play Pocket Guitar Amp



  • The AMPUPLUGNPLAY pocket guitar amp fits in almost any guitar case!
  • It  requires no A/C power because it runs on a 9-volt battery!
  • Eliminates the guitar cord reducing signal loss and improving performance!
  • The Amp becomes part of your guitar by plugging directly into the female jack on your guitar. Weighing about the same as a heavy-duty guitar cable the AMPUPLUGNPLAY is lightweight and is held securely in place by your guitar. The AMPUPLUGNPLAY keeps it simple and uses the volume and tone controls from your guitar. You not only hear what you play, but you feel what you play!
  • Works with both front and side style guitar output jacks!
  • A complete working guitar amplifier for only $29.95!  
    9-volt battery not included.


    The AMP U PLUG N PLAY has been re-designed to be a versatile plactice amp for any style guitar player.

    For the Rock Guitarist- At high volume levels this is a kick ass practice amp that sounds kind of “tubey” producing big overdriven tones with amazing sustain and responds well to “pick attack”. All without running your neighbors out of the neighborhood!



    For the Jazz Guitarist - At low to medium high volume settings the Amp U Plug N Play delivers a clean sound with amazing tonal quality.