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Meisel Spitfire E-Fusion Electric VIolin

List Price: $619.00
Your Price: $485.00
You Save: $134.00 (22 %)
Item Number: 6000E Electric Violin
Manufacturer: Meisel Stringed Instruments
Manufacturer Part No: 6000E
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The Meisel Spitfire E-Fusion 6000E offers all the excitement of a "wired" electric instrument, yet it maintains the authentic acoustic sound of a tra-ditional violin. The 6000E's highly accurate violin sound is reproduced by a quality Shadow piezo pick-up molded into the bridge. A built-in active pre-amp with volume and tone controls provides plenty of output. (Two 3 volt coin batteries are included) A Wittner light alloy tailpiece allows for precise tuning. In addition to combining the best of electric and acoustic sounds, the 6000E has successfully fused the contemporary and tradi-tional in its design. Extremely lightweight (18oz, 520g) and easy to handle, the violin features a unique shape by award winning designer, Rich Roland. It is available in three different finishes: Antique Sunburst (SB), Metallic Black (BK) and Metallic Red (RED). The Spitfire E-Fusion Violin fits all 4/4 cases. All full sized violin accessories (shoulder rest, mutes, etc.) will fit.