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The Autoharp is a musical string instrument having a series of chord bars attached to dampers, which, when depressed, mute all the strings other than those that form the desired chord. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp at all, but a chorded zither.

You can hear the autoharp used in bluegrass, country, Celtic, folk, pop, rock, jazz and really just about every style under the sun. It's the perfect instrument for the beginner who is new to music to the experienced professional. The Autoharp has been hailed as a wonderful instrument for children and elderly, because it is simple and easy to play.

Autoharps work well as a beginner instrument for a youngster just testing his or her musical capabilities and can be upgraded for more advanced artists. Shop our extensive selection of Autoharps and know that we have chosen premium instrument manufacturers to offer. We want you to not only be satisfied with your Autoharp purchase, we want you to be thrilled—knowing you chose the perfect instrument and got a great deal!

Autoharps are relatively easy to learn to play as a rhythm instrument, but offer great rewards to the more committed player as a melody instrument. Some notable Autoharp performers include Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Partin and Sheryl Crow to name a few.

  Autoharps Dolly-Autoharp

Autoharp Customer Reviews

"Everyone has their own preference when it comes to autoharps. I purchased the standard-Oscar Schmidt Autoharp and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. I love it. Oscar Schmidt is the way to go!"

"I purchased an Autoharp from Musical Instruent Haven for my six year-old's birthday because her father and I play guitar and she always wants to be a part of the music in our house.She is learning to strum in time on her Autoharp and is becomming dedicated to practicing"

"This Autoharp looks beautiful, has excellent sound and desirable features. Thank you Musical Instrument Haven for helping me through our purchase"

"The autoharp looks very well made and shipped well packed and protected. I was happy it arrived perfectly and quicker then expected"

"I was pleasantly suprised when i received my Autoharp from Musical Haven. Not only is it very beautiful, but has solid construction. Very pleased with the sound performance; very smooth transition from chord to chord. This is the second Oscar Schmidt autoharp I have owned. This one is the best. I'm looking forward to hours of playing pleasure. Highly recommend! You won't be disappointed!"



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21 Bar Autoharp by Grover
List Price: $440.00
Your Price: $299.00
You Save: $141.00 (32 %)
21 Bar Autoharp by Grover
A richly designed autoharp with high gloss Tobacco Fade finish. Solid wood construction provides lasting, resonating tones.
15 Bar Autoharp by Grover
List Price: $429.00
Your Price: $274.99
You Save: $154.01 (36 %)
15 Bar Autoharp by Grover
This 15 Bar Autoharp plays in 7 keys and produces a beautiful sound. Includes tuning wrench.
Oscar Schmidt OS15B Berkshire Autoharp
List Price: $379.90
Your Price: $286.95
You Save: $92.95 (24 %)
Oscar Schmidt OS15B Berkshire Autoharp
The Oscar Schmidt OS15B Berkshire Autoharp is a very well-made 15-chord autoharp that plays in 7 keys.