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25 Note Resonator Bell Set with Case (G-G)

List Price: $265.50
Your Price: $199.00
You Save: $66.50 (25 %)
Item Number: TR2130 Resonator Bell Set
Manufacturer: Trophy
Manufacturer Part No: TR2130

25 Note Chromatic Resonator Bell Set with Case (G-G)

Resonator bell set G to G. Plastic resonators with 1 1/4" wide x .125" thick bars mounted on a sturdy plastic resonator. The cloth lined case has a removable top, 25 rubber head mallets with molded handles are provided.


25 Note Chromatic Resonator Bell Set Features:

25-Note Chromatic Resinator Bell Set G to G

Bell Set Customer Reviews


"These Bell Sets are really nice. The tones are clear and true. It's great for anyone who is just beginning to learn about music, and is handy in the classroom when giving pitches for accapella groups when a piano is not available"
"I gave this to my toddler as a gift because I wanted it. We both love to play tunes. I'm actually reading music, he's just using the sticks to make some noise. These Bell Sets are better than the toy bells because it has sharps and flats and more notes. The keys are labeled with the note (A, A#/Bb, C...) which is nice, esp for beginners. I think we will use this for years."
"The Bell Set we purchased was exactly what I was looking for. It has a nice ring to the sound, and it is altogether well built"
"The Bell Set is absolutely one of the best purchases we have made for our two kids. They love it, and I can tell they won't outgrow it for many years to come. It has a great sound, and is very fun to play. Durable and very affordable!"

25 Note Chromatic Resonator Bell Set